About RMR Clark Farm

Our farm was established by Clara & Roswell Clark in 1937. They started out on the land with 3 coops of 500 chickens each, and a big barn for their equipment. Only later did they build their house.

In 1981 the farm was transferred to Wayne E. Clark Sr. Wayne and his sons, Wayne Jr. and William, raised dairy replacements, rabbits, chickens, and pigs. The 3 coops were taken down and replaced with pig pens. The barn still stood.

The farm was handed down to the youngest son, William, in 2010. At the time, William had his own working farm on Kendall St. in Granby with his wife Dayle and their children Joshua and Andrea. That farm was devoted to raising and selling beef cattle. The Batchelor Street land was used to keep cattle housed/maintained until 2018 when Billy and Dayle took possession of the property.

In 2011 Joshua married Leslie at the farm.

A new barn was built in 2020 and a total renovation of the main farmhouse was started. Josh and Leslie built a home on the property where they settled in with kids Adeline, Luella, and Alston. The main house was completed in 2021.

Through all the transitions over the years, we have always had cattle on the farm.

In 2021 Josh & Leslie started raising laying hens from chicks that Luella hatched in her kindergarten 4-H club. We are a 4H Family! Dayle and Billy have served as group leaders, and Josh and Andrea participated in 4H for most of their childhood.

Stay tuned as the next generation revives the coop aspect of the farm.