Our farm continues to grow and diversify. We currently provide a variety of products, and are growing to expand our offerings.


We raise Belted Galloway cattle, a breed that produces a tender and well marbled beef. In a USDA Study, Belted Galloway Beef ranked first in taste amongst other beef cattle breeds.

In addition to taste, this beef is low in total fat and saturated fats, while being high in omega 3 fatty acid and low in omega 6. This translates to a product that is delicious and good for you! It is rich in healthier fats, and lower in cholesterol than other types of beef.

The breed is known for forage efficiency, heartiness, and maternal qualities. The cattle have a double hair hide, with a long, soft wavy coat which serves a dual purpose.The outer coat sheds wind and rain, while the soft furlike under coat provides insolation and water proofing. This makes the Galloway a perfect fit for the New England climate.

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We produce round and square bales of feed hay for horses, cattle, sheep, and rabbits.

We provide a high quality mix of orchard grass, timothy, clover, harvested from hundreds of acres of local fields.

Hay can be picked up from the farm, and we offer discounts if you pick up directly from the field.

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Enhance your soil for better plant growth with 100% composted cow manure! It's all natural and great for gardening vegetables & flowers.

At this time, we do not do deliveries, pick up only.

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Presently, we have a flock of pullets from a variety of breeds including Rhode Island Reds, Golden Comets, Cinnamon Queens and Starlights, which are our green egg layers.

Our pullets will begin to produce eggs in late summer/early fall and available to purchase at Clara's Coop.

We have updated our coop to keep the predators out, and our grandchildren have been working with the chicks.

Right now our chickens are enjoying their large run, and will free-range around the farm when they are older. Stay tuned for updates.


We grow a wide range of vegetables and make them available in our farm stand based on the season. Our regular options include:

  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • peppers
  • onions
  • radishes
  • green beans
  • lettuce